Tuesday, March 09, 2010


I know there has been some radio silence lately here on the blog. One reason is that the commenting system was just whack-a-do and Trek (there should be a link there, if not, I'll fix it when i get home) had to go under the hood and pull out parts of my blog. Now, I have my blog back. And it's happy. And I sent her yarn without her knowing. Oh. whoops. well, she knows now.

Second is that I'm dealing with some indecision in my knitting/personal life that has to come to fruition soon. Some of you know that I am a coordinator for a guild here in the metrowest of Boston. I love my guild, but recent events have caused me to seriously consider stepping down/bowing out. I'm not sure yet, but I need to make a decision soon. There's a lot involved in this and I am trying to figure out if I am letting one or two events cancel what's been a wonderful experience or are one or two events highlighting what I've been seeing through rose-colored glasses. See? Hard. 

Third: my car. My fun loving, road tripping Saturn Vue is being evil. She decided she needed new 'shoes' for the spring ($400) and then decided that she didn't want to get them dirty, so has stopped working. From what I can guess from my knowledge of cars, online research and gut feeling: it's my transmission and it's slipping. On an automatic, which doubly sucks. So, she stopped this morning near a Marshalls (note: no matter what PC says, keeping socks-in-progress in car is always good) after she just Stopped. In the middle of the road. Got bumped by a very nice man, who felt SO bad (not his fault) and he kept traffic at bay while I turned the car on and off a few times and then coasted into the parking lot. So, Betty Sue (my Vue) is at the dealership today... she had to be towed. 

A side note; a Saturn dealership is really just a big garge waiting room these days.

More later. I have socks, sweater, and cowl progress to show.


  1. Sorry bout the guild thing. I can be a sounding board if you need to bounce ideas/feelings off someone.

  2. You really should not have sent yarn! Told you I was happy to help out.

    Gah. There goes my good deed. Guess I'll have to do another one ;o)