Tuesday, March 30, 2010


A lot of heartsick angst here today. I traded in my beloved Saturn for a Subaru. I know, in my heart, it was the right decision ( dealer paid off the loan on old car, i had positive equity in my car, got the color/model/features I wanted), but I was really rooting for my Saturn. I was.

3 weeks ago, it stopped braking and accelerating. On the highway. I had just had the brakes done, so I took it back: brakes are fine. Must be a sensor or transmission problem. Car is fine... drive home, leave it, head to work the next day. Same.problem. Except, now, I get "bumped" in traffic b/c I had no brake lights. *sigh* Call dealer, tow it in. Mention 3 times: brakes, struts, accelerator (car was jumping around).

Saturn/GM service only looks at cars towed in after lunch. So, if your car gets towed at 7:30 am (mine), they put it on a list, and look at it after 1pm. They never got to mine on Day 1. Day 2, got it on the lift at 4pm (close at 5pm). Day 3, says nothing wrong; I ask if they have test drove it. No. Well, drive it. Car gets stuck and they have to tow it back to the dealer after a 4 mile test drive. Call me to have it brought back to the non-dealer brake place. Hm. No.

Day 4 with my fancy rental car (paid for by Saturn, who called to say my warranty was up in 8 days)... fixed. They think. Keeping it overnight to drive again in the morning. Day 5...pick up my car and told "brakes fixed." Okay....what about struts? Um, didn't look at them. Okay, warranty is up soon... need to wait 1 week to bring it back in and they need it all day.

Le sigh. Struts fixed.. head to doc office on Monday: dashboard lights start blinking, flashing... car is running, makes whiny sound... lights come back on.

My 2007, fully loaded Saturn Vue, with 32,000 miles was falling apart.

Monday night, signed on dotted line for new 2010 Subaru Forester 2.5X premium in Camellia Red. :) Cry when I leave the dealership. Love the Subie, but really going to miss my Saturn. I was rooting for you!

What shall we name her?


  1. Yikes! Thankfully it was a bump and not a crash and nobody was hurt.

    Enjoy the new car smell :o)

  2. Anonymous11:33 AM

    I'm sorry for all the Saturn stuff...but, you should name your new car 'Best Day of My life!' 'Hard-working Goddess!' or something. I am officially in love with my Forester....Subaru makes the greatest cars ever. safe, racy (they make racecars!), unbelievably reliable, you never need to plow or shovel ever again. even have amazing gas mileage. all the curling rock things will fit in the back. you are so lucky! I traded in my last Forester at 100K just on principle. enjoy!!!