Thursday, April 01, 2010

Feeling Green

For those of you who have dined at my house and said "oh, don't bother" with my cloth napkins... I feel reaffirmed in my decision to provide them. Dan and I try, try, try to be more earth-friendly (see new fully recyclable car, full recycling container at curb on Fridays, use of reusable plastic bottles, repurposing glass containers).... and cloth napkins are just a new way to do this. There is a major overhaul going on in our house over the next two weekends (creating more usable, pleasant spaces in the kitchen and office), so I'll be looking at my plethora of kitchen towels and making a concerted effort to use them more, and less paper towels.

I think I'll make some neat napkin rings for the next dinner party. :)


  1. We've been using cloth napkins for sixteen years and love them. Much easier to clean up after spills and if you eat something sticky, there's no paper stuck to your hands.

  2. I made cloth napkins a while back and we really enjoy them. Good for you!

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