Sunday, April 11, 2010

Going to Phoenix and throwing away yarn.

I'm going to Arizona for a few days... I may or may not be mobile blogging. I am bringing knitting, for the evenings, but my days will be full of more professional endeavors, I'm afraid.

In knitting news, if you won my haiku anniversary contest (Louise, Diane, Trek), you will see a package in the mail next week. I spent the entire weekend at IKEA with the fabulous PC getting one of each of these and reorganizing my kitchen and my craft room/office. (my bookcase has doors... well, it will soon, we need to put them on.)

Actual photos to follow once I am back home and the space is even more cleaned up. (right now, it's slightly organized chaos.) Oh... and I threw out yarn. Yup, crap yarn that I didn't want to gift or try to sell. I might do some online yarn hawking... any advice from those in the know? Do I do it straight off the site?

Oh, and if you are Dora... :) I have the white shelving thing, some fabric boxes for the shelving thing, the cube system and some good plastic shoe boxes for you... you and Trevor want to swing by for some beers and pick them up next weekend?

Oh... and Dora? There's a bag o' yarn for you too :)