Thursday, March 25, 2010

Winner, Winner... Chicken Dinner

I have no idea where the above title comes from, do you? It's something I started hearing a few years ago ( I think it's Southern) and it has stuck. Stuck.Stuck.Stuck.

Winners. I'm a winner and you are all winners! If you left a haiku for my blogiversary, send me a pm at kskaare (at) gmail (dot) com w/ your address so that I can send you a present. :)

I'm a winner...? I totally won at Kristen Tendyke's contest and I got a free pattern! :) I'm sure she won't mind me linking and lifting a photo from Ravelry....

I first met Kristen at a knitting class one weekend through a mutual friend, Andi. Kristen and Andi work at Classic Elite Yarns... where I did a project management project for one of my classes (yup, project management with Kristen Tendyke, Cecily Glowick, and Pam Allen (via phone)--- all for a grad school class? Swoon!) and now Kristen lives in a little house in Texas. I'm not kidding about it being little... it's approximately the size of my kitchen and I live in an apartment. :)

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  1. They were saying that on Dancing with the stars a few seasons back, but I never knew where it came from!