Monday, July 12, 2010

puppies & cupcakes

This weekend was filled with puppies and cupcakes.... the stuffed puppy is the Daniel the Spaniel pattern from Ravelry. Great pattern, no mistakes. I'll be knitting this again soon. :)

Cupcakes were for my favorite 2 year old: Chloe! The Noodle turned two a few weeks back and at her 4th birthday celebration (1 in Romania on vacation, 3 at home here), her favorite Auntie made her "Mickey" cupcakes (well, Minnie really). Oreo 'ears' and twizzler bows completed the look.

South Beach Week 2, Monday
Breakfast: low carb yogurt
1/2 cup blueberries
Lunch: pork tenderloin/1/2 sweet potato/zucchini
cucumbers & hummus
Dinner: pork chops & broccoli w/ cheese
Snack: sugar free popsicles!

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  1. LOVE the puppers ... and the Minnie Mouse cupcake are too cute. Happy birthday to Chloe!

  2. Diane1:13 PM

    The cupcakes are soooo cute! Hope you are doing well on SB Diet......cheering you on from this end!


  3. What a special little girl to merit Minnie Mouse cupcakes.