Tuesday, July 06, 2010

South Beach re-commit Day 1

Even with the doctor telling me, the medications, etc... I'm too stupid or stubborn (let's go with stubborn) to get out of my own way. So, I have challenged PC to a "contest" of sorts this summer: sticking to our diets from July 4th to Labor Day weekend. Should be simple, right?  Well, we'll see.

A few things you will have noticed about the blog: 1) the weight loss tracker is back, barring it allowing my blog to crash again; 2) the WW point calculator on the side...it's there for PC's use or yours; 3) I'll be posting more often... knitting and cooking and such. So be prepared for the unexpected. Recipes will appear if they are deemed yummy, knitting photos will appear more regularly. I mean, if I can't eat sweets, I have to do something with my hands, right?  What's the contest part? Nothing, really, but if you leave a comment on at least 2 blog posts per week while we're doing this, we'll provide a nice present at the end, I promise.

Here are the "rules":
  • must stay on SB Phase 1 for 2 weeks (including Chloe's bday party: no cake!) and then volley between Phase II (modified) and Phase I
  • must take her medicine, no matter what.
  • must start exercising ASAP... even a walk in the a.m. is something. get up and move!
  • journal every bite, sip, taste, nibble and emotion. track weight and f/v servings and dairy.
  • not bite off PC's head for eating oatmeal
  • must eat WW style, including calculating points and helping create menus
  • hit the gym!
  • track weight and reduce # of "empty" points (like 100 cal snacks) and move to "real food"
We can do this, right?
Here's my menu today:
  • Breakfast:  low-carb vanilla yogurt (1/2 cup), 10 ounces sugar free (sf), nonfat (nf) vanilla latte
  • Snack #1:  12 cashews
  • Lunch :      1 chicken leg quarter (leg & thigh), no skin, bbq'd with sate seasoning only, 1 ounce reduced fat cheese, 3 cucumbers ( small) and 2 ounces hummus
  • Snack #2:  12 ounces iced vanilla latte
  • Dinner:       grilled steak, steamed veggies and salad greens
  • Snack #3:   sugar free lemon jello w/ 1 tbsp cool whip (sf)


  1. Anonymous3:40 PM

    I will be here pushing you to keep at it......I'm trying to lose 20 by Sept 17th so I will be giving you some positive reinforcement along the way....I just started at Zumba Class...honestly, it's fun and there are all different sizes and types of people....tell PC there's a guy in my class as well.......

    You Go Girl!

    PS...I don't care about the prize......I just want you to be healthy and happy!


  2. Aw, jeese. I always found that the harder I made it for myself, the quicker I fell off the wagon. Sometimes you just have to relax a little. I lost 50 pounds, and the only way I was able to do it was to live "normally", that is, allow myself a treat now and again. Even skinny people do that. If I'd put myself in a dieter's prison, I'd have been grabbing for 10 chocolate bars. But that's me. If you seem to have trouble with the straight and narrow, though, consider relaxing just a TINY bit so you don't go nuts. I found that when I exercised in some way (usually just walking every day) I could afford more calories anyway.


  3. Diane6:13 AM

    Hoping you had a good day yesterday!

  4. Good luck to you. Be kind to yourself. If you slip up, you get back up but don't castigate. You can't change the past. No one can.

  5. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Kate and PC,

    Good luck on your diets!!! Don't be too hard on yourselves. Tomorrow is always another day. Thank you so much for listing your menus.

    God knows I need to lose weight myself. Your suggestions are appreciated!

    Elaine (Island Yarn)