Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ten on tuesday

Top 10 Snacks

1. popcorn. I could live on hot, buttered popcorn. Or cheesey popcorn. Or caramel corn... or spicy popcorn....
2. cucumbers with salt. LOVE.
3. Pepperoni & cheese on crackers. Pepperoni must be Carando brand, cheese must be extra sharp cheddar and I love me a Sociable or Triscuit. I buy presliced 'roni now, but I have a fondness for the hard stick you had to cut (that was MY job as a kid) and the thin, papery skin of the pepperoni.
4. Ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbert.... anything cold and scoopable. I've tried full fat, low fat, fat free, sugar free, all natural, tofu, rice, soy...
5. hummus and veggies
6. nachos... I make the best nachos!
7. pretzels. Especially pretzel rods, for some unknown reason, but I remember getting 2 of them in my lunch as a kid and thinking it was the BEST part of the day (besides my assemble-yourself tuna fish sandwich kit from my mom--- more about this later)
8. peanut butter and apples. LOVE.
9. pudding. Jello sugar free, fat free pudding. it's a south beach "must have"
10. ice pops. The ones in the tube? it's pure sugar and probably caused my pre-diabetic state, but I love them. I have been known to have to limit myself to 20 per day. Yup, it's a problem!


  1. You are right, we do have a lot in common! I like pepper on my cucumbers, though.