Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tools for the job

Sometimes its all about the tools, knitting is like that. You all know that some needles are meant for speed, some to slow you down, some pointy for lace and its p7tog maneuvers, and clickers for counting and markers for guidance.

Meet my 5:15 am wake up call tools. Yup, walking sneakers. Ive always worn cross trainers or running shoes, but I decided to trust New Balance and get walking specific kicks. And you know what? Sometimes the right tools help. Day 4, 1.2 miles in 23 minutes and jeans that button just a bit easier.

My second tool? PC. He's been my secondary alarm each day, reminding me that I need to get up and do this for my health.


  1. You're inspiring me. I want to get moving again, but my feet have been KILLING me. I'm guessing my worn-out cross-trainers probably have something to do with that ....

  2. Good for you! I went and bought new sneakers to make myself have no more excuses for not walking ... yet I haven't put them on yet :( Today! After I put the littlest on the bus for kindy, I am going walking! Thanks to your inspiration :)