Thursday, May 05, 2011

Day four....

I can't believe I've made it to day 4 of salad week. I'm not always a stick-to-it kinda girl, y'know? But, it's inspired me in all kinds of ways: I've cooked dinner every night this week. That doesn't sound really great right? But, I tend to rely heavily on our crockpot, as with two working adults in the house, it's often two starving adults coming home and wanting dinner. The crockpot lets me start dinner in the a.m. ( I leave after PC) and not have to "deal" with it until I get home. I still love my crockpot, and it'll be used this weekend for my famous sugar-free pulled pork for Mom Day brunch.

So far this week, I've made:
  • Lemon Pepper Shrimp Scampi
  • Seared Scallops with couscous, asparagus and a soy-garlic sauce
  • Marinated flank steak
Yum, right? Well, I've also been reconnecting with old friends and doing something I haven't done in ages: talking on the phone. Do you remember the last time you just gabbed on the phone? I've missed it. I'm a talker. I love chatting on the phone, while sipping a cup of tea and knitting. It's like having a knit night without the need for pants.

This (below): is a scarf in progress in an "ink" color from The Woolen Rabbit (*heart* Kim)---it's a traveling woman scarf. Yup, another one. And, it's going to be blocked this week b/c it's for my mom this weekend! Tomorrow, i'll have a wee sock for you. Anklets!

And, now for all of you following along with the salad week: Thursday's salad.
Ingredients: romaine (the end of the bag!), cranberries, almonds and mustard chicken (from Whole Foods); Dressing: homemade mustard vinaigrette.

My secret sometimes? I love Whole Foods prepared foods section. When I'm feeling lazy and want take out? I head to Whole Foods-- for less than $8, they will make you a dinner. And their dinners? Enough for lunch AND dinner. And, I can make dinner for me, and a different dinner for PC. I know, right? I tend to skip the lasagna and such and head straight for the chicken & turkey. They make a perfect roast herbed turkey. You get two HUGE slices plus 2 sides. It can get pricey, of course (they don't call it whole paycheck for nothing), but if you are smart and be realistic about the portions, it's cheaper than take-out. Healthier too. (I mean, who delivers brussel sprouts? Or quinoa salad?)

Tomorrow's salad is up in the air, so I'm asking for suggestions. Tell me what to put on my salad! And, tonight's dinner is Kung Pao Chicken.

So, what do we think? Are we lovin' the daily blogging? I'm adding it to my to-do list after "walk 1.2 miles in under 25 minutes" each day. Yup, i'm still at it.

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