Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Downward cat...

I think in yoga class, downward cat would look something like this:

(reclining PC is also another yoga move, but it's anti-flow)

This week, I'm trying yoga. Yup. Me, the anti-chakra girl, has been to two yogilates (yoga/Pilates) classes this week. Oh, and I'm heading to my 3rd tomorrow. Did I mention it's at 6am? Yup, my tush got right out of bed this morning at 5:40 and I was in class by 5:57 (YMCA is about 4 blocks away, but I still drive over). So, let's talk about yoga class....

Things I didn't know then that I do know now:
  • you can do yoga with shoes on (srsly?)
  • not everything is on the floor
  • there is more than one way to each pose
  • you don't have to be a pretzel
  • bad co-worker vibes go away when nice yoga instructor says "you are perfect and beautiful"
  • I am REALLY good at standing on one leg (who'd thought that?)
  • breathing is hard
  • I hold my breath when I exercise... this causes headaches and makes everything 100% more difficult
  • yoga is fun & hard, Pilates is hard & fun
I've always used this blog as my personal diary, so if it moves a bit far afield of knitting for the next few weeks, my apologies. I'm focusing on getting my physical & emotional self back on-line and it is taking a lot of my energy. Knitting: not so much. I'm doing some, but not a lot. I predict a bit of an uptick soon, so please standby.

If you've been following along the progress bar at the top, you'll see that my dietary changes have been effective. An old family friend, Sharin (you're not old, but you've known me since birth) commented that she liked my salad-a-day. So next week is Chicken Week (sorry PC)--- I know 500 things to do with a simple chicken breast that can have you eating chicken breasts every day for 5 days and never feel like you're eating chicken breasts. In June, we'll do cold salads. :)

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  1. That yoga instructor is one smart cookie - you are perfect and beautiful :) I'm eagerly awaiting Chicken Week ... I definitely need something else to do with a chicken breast, hehe!