Thursday, May 12, 2011

Embarrassing moment of the day

So far today, I've had one embarrassing moment: getting stuck in my yoga class. I wasn't locked in the room or anything, I got my leg stuck in one position and couldn't un-do it. Yup, that whackadoo panicking in the YMCA auditorium this morning was me.

Skills. I got 'em. (see, Mr. President, I'm a poet too... where's my invite to your house?)

In knitting news, I'm working on socks for my mom. Mom *loves* the stretchy cotton socks that I have knit her. Guess who hates knitting with the stretchy cotton? Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

But, she's my mom; she birthed me for 72 hours and managed not to lose me too often when I was younger, so I knit. With horrendous stretchy cotton. The one and only upside to this project? My mom wants anklets, or "wee socks" as PC calls them (God bless him, he thinks my feet are tiny and petite. Size 9. Nope, not telling him any different. And neither will you. Got it?). Wee socks take about 1 night to knit each sock.

Sharin asked me via FB this morning: what's for lunch? Lunch today is kind of boring: lemon parsley chicken (thank you Whole Foods!) and green beans.

Breakfast... well, breakfast is different:

What you don't eat chicken breasts with ajvar and green beans for breakfast? This is a 'typical' South Beach Phase 1 meal: to be eaten whenever you like. And the ajvar.... oh yum. I buy it at Trader Joe's as "roasted red pepper spread with eggplant and garlic." That's a mouthful. Ajvar. (Eye-var) Maybe my garden will yield some of the ingredients to make my own (with my shiny new food processor, bought on sale at BB&B, with a coupon and a rebate. Take that Extreme Couponers!)

Well, must work for a few more hours and then head off to see the new trainer at the YMCA for a fitness evaluation. I wanted to start couch to 5K and aim for 1.6k (1 mile) but when I inquired, they thought I should have an evaluation at the gym. *sigh* I'm sure its for the best.

By the by: does anyone LOVE their scale? We need a new one, and we have uneven floors, so recommendations are appreciated! Digital vs. analog?

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  1. I'm so glad you were able to get unstuck ... it'd be tough to blog from the floor of the YMCA! Although you don't care for working with stretchy cotton, the colors are gorgeous & your Mom will be happy, so win win :)