Tuesday, June 21, 2011

All about ME.

1600 calories. That's the dietary goal set by the nutritionist last week. Seems like a lot, right? well, not considering my BMR (basal metabolic rate, and the # of calories per day to keep me "as is" is 2893) is 2104. So, by losing 1293 calories per day, I will have a calorie deficit of 9051 over 7 days which is 2.5 lb (3500 calories in 1lb) per week.

Totally do-able.

Why now? Well, a recent medical appointment showed that my PCOS is being actively managed by my medicine, so I'm in "prime shape to lose some weight" according to my endocrinologist. So, I say: bring it on.

Hopefully this summer, you'll meet my nutritionist (Paula) and my trainer (Steve) through the blog. Paula is part therapist (why we eat) and dietitian (what we eat); Steve is a kung-fu trainer who lets me kick things. I forget I'm training when I'm in his studio-- instead, I'm being active, focusing on perfecting my kicks & balance. And, funny... my core gets a work out and I'm drenched in sweat when I leave. :)

And, I'm returning to yoga and my daily power walk. New power walk goal: 2 miles in under 45 minutes.

Oh, and PC went hiking boot shopping with me, and we picked up some trekking poles, so expect some photos from our weekend adventures soon! (and, yes... i'll do anything for new shoes....ha ha ha)

So, what are YOU doing for YOU today?

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