Monday, June 06, 2011


I'm in Philadelphia. Again. I know I've really never discussed what I do for a living, because I'd really like to keep my personal and business relationships separate. This job, though... it's really become a part of who I am. Or is it that I've just found a job that shows the best parts of me? Either way, I do love what I do. And where I get to go. Like Olde City in Philadelphia.

The job? I'm a life science conference producer. Nope, not a meeting planner; that's a different role. My job is to identify topics, research KOLs (key opinion leaders) and brilliant scientists, and put together a program of presentations that other scientists will love. And pay to attend. This means: Philadelphia. At least this week. Best thing about the travel? New restaurants and king sized hotel beds.
This is B, our meeting planner for this event. Yes, she has a full name (a real name), but for the sake of the blog, let's call her B. Last night's dinner of 2 producers, one manager/producer and a meeting planner was full of giggles and forks crossing the "invisible line" (that line around your plate that says "do not eat my food"). For the record: getting to the point where your colleagues say "oh, you have to try my fish!" is a real treat. This is a great team for this event and well, you're never really working when your working alongside friends. (B was being a goofball in the photo, but she's going to love telling her hubster, S, that she "made the blog." Check! one more thing off her bucket list.) Restaurant: Cuba Libre (on Market & 2nd street.. YUM.)

(right side, according to YK)
Know what else this job is good for? Knitting. I'm exhausted when I'm done at the end of the day, but knitting a few rows settles me down and gets me ready for bed. This is the English Ribbed Pullover from Yankee Knitter. I love the Yankee Knitter; timeless sweaters, beautifully written patterns (in that no nonsense way about us New Englanders) and the numbers always work out. In fact, you'd have to try really hard to make an ugly sweater from one of their patterns.

But, I have a dilemma with this one (*gasp*). I kind of like the wrong side better. So tell me... can I make the wrong side the right side? Or should I trust in YK and proceed as directed?

(wrong side, according to YK, but oh-so-right in my eyes)



  1. Maybe you could make it reversible? I like both sides too.

  2. If you like the wrong side then make it the right side. My mother knit that pattern a bit ago and loves the sweater. Those are her favorite patterns.
    Your job sounds very fulfilling and there is nothing better than that.

  3. mariuca5:50 PM

    go for the wrong side... :)

  4. It is your sweater, you get to decide how it goes. End of discussion.