Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our Song...

Ten on Tuesday was inspired by Dale & Carole's 14th anniversary today (woohoo! *clink*clink* -- time for a smooch!)... :)

top 10 love songs:

1. The Best is Yet to Come (PC & Mini's song...)

2. I try... Macy Gray. Well, this one's a bit personal, but trust me: it's a love song. :)

3. Home....Michael Buble. It's on my mp3 and I listen to it every night when i'm away from PC when I travel. And, each time he picks me up at the airport, my stomach does this little flip.

4. Always on My Mind.... Elvis Presley

5. Buy Me A Rose.... Kenny Rogers. This one reminds me of my parents (hard working dad, mom who just wants him home more) and me & PC, who brings me flowers for no good reason and tells me each day that I'm the most beautiful woman.

5. Remember When... Alan Jackson. Coming from a family of very long marriages, this reminds me why it's worth waiting for the love of you life. favorite line: "remember when 30 seemed so old?"

6. You're Still the One... Orleans. 9 years as of August 16! *insert twirling around the kitchen here*

7. Angel Eyes... Jeff Healy Band

8. Kiss Me Each Morning for a Million Years... the Casinos

9. Say Nothing At All.... Alison Krauss. For those of you who know PC, he's not loud, he doesn't say much... for my quiet man.

10. How Do you Fall in Love...., Alabama. because love is not perfect, it's not always kind, it's not always the guy you think, and it kinda sneaks up on you. And, like everyone says: you'll look and look for it, but you'll know it when you find it. Love you, PC.


  1. Jeff Healey - now he was amazing. Nice choice!

  2. I absolutely love Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye, especially the line "sweeten my coffee with a morning kiss." Sigh.

  3. The Wedding Song by Paul Stuckey.