Friday, September 23, 2011

Empowering Young Women

This t-shirt was pulled by J.C. Penny, but really? It never should have made the shelves.
My high school guidance counselor, when I asked her for college advice, gave me college info on nursing schools and teacher colleges. When I told her I wanted to be a biologist, she corrected me and said "biology teacher." No. A biologist. She looked at me and said "Why? You'll never get married if you're a biologist, teachers have good schedules for raising families." I graduated college in 1995, not 1895. This "educator" looked past my goals & aspirations and straight at my ovaries and mammary glands. 

I'm watching the young women on my street grow up : from playing baby dolls & teddy bear tea parties on the front steps, to a Justin Beiber fan club in a refrigerator box, to their first dances and the boys walking behind them to the bus stop... with a lot of giggling involved. I listen and hear their comments "school's hard." And "I think I'm in the wrong Math." What message are they getting at school? The three of them, for all appearances, are nice young women, with good communication skills (I could use a lot less "umms" but hey: they are 13) and are quite smart. Are they being championed in the classroom? Or has reality tv and being celebritized for being "not smart" winning out? Do you think Snooki aced her math quizzes? Or do you think someone gave up on her? 

Just a rambling from the brain of Mini. I'm knitting. I'll take some photos tonight or tomorrow. My first experience knitting with Noro Silk Garden, and yes... I've already had a knot. *grr*

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  1. I, of course, went into a traditional job for women but I'm a bit nontraditional in being a library director and not just a librarian.It's kind of sad that even in this field the high-powered high-paying jobs (directors of big city libraries and corporations) almost always go to men.