Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

I'm always looking for ways to save a buck, so Carole's ten on Tuesday was just the "umph" I needed to break the blogging break!

Ten Things I Buy Each Week:
1. Groceries.  A cop-out yes, but PC and I shop once a week and it's NOT cheap!
2. Manicures. Yup. I'm that girl. Mine costs $12 + $3 tip and includes a shoulder & neck massage. It's my 1/2 hour of me time every Saturday morning
3. Dunkin' coffee. Every day on the way home from work, PC or I stop and pick up the Dunkin's. It's a VERY expensive habit (not Starbucks expensive, but it's getting there!) as it runs us $42 a week, minimum...
4. ebooks... I read ALOT. And really quickly, so I am constantly on the "shop" option of my nook color. 
5. Gas. I have a short commute (roundtrip, less than 10miles), but i'm the primary driver in the family and my commute involves 12 stop lights in either direction, so it's not great on the mpgs).
6. pastry & coffee... my Sunday knitting buddy and I meet at a cafe and well, it has yummy pastry. 
7. Nutrition services & trainer: I swap out the weeks I pay for them, but they are both less than $50 and are essential to my well being.
8. McDonald's diet coke. For some God-only-knows reason, diet coke from McDonald's tastes the best. 
9. Lunch. I only buy once a week and I'm trying to break this habit.
10.... I can't think of a #10, so leave your #10 here! :) 


  1. McDonald's Coke tastes best too:)
    We buy bottled water. I know I could save money and drink from the tap but an ice cold gallon of Poland Springs in the fridge is a must.

  2. Great list! Happy TOT!

  3. Traci Simpson12:31 PM

    #10 for me is Red Bull and popcorn for breakfast Monday through Friday at the shop near my work. Super NOT healthy and also, as the shop owner reminds me (everyday), "It's cheaper to sleep." I need to stop!

  4. Have you gotten free ebooks from the library? You sometimes have to wait for them but it's worth it. I get a mani-pedi every two weeks so I completely understand.