Monday, December 05, 2011

Advent Calendar for Jackson Robert

A few weeks ago (pre-Thanksgiving), I started discussing Advent calendars with my sister-in-law. Yep, that sister-in-law, the one who loves anything I make for the buggy one and is also very crafty herself (can't wait to smell her new cinnamon wreath--- she says the house smells like Christmas now).  I wanted it to be different, personalized... definitely say "made for Jack by someone who really loves the snot out of him."  But it needed to be quick! Advent was impending! I hadn't a lot of time! 

So, I dropped my knitting needles and grabbed the felt, scissors and embroidery needle and off I went. To my chair, in the living room, drinking hot tea and cutting, assembling, adorning mittens. 
Love these little mittens, #25 is the only white one and the only one with red letters. The rest are gold. 
Each mitten is a pocket for a toy, ornament or candy. I used the dimensions from creating his 2010 mittens (see here) and made his own hands the mittens! I used a quick running stitch in a contrasting color to create a hand-made cozy feeling. And, every few mittens, I'd trim with the pinking shears. Each mitten has a date (1-25), all hand embroidered with embroidery floss.  

At the corner of each mitten, I strung them with embroidery floss and tied in 3-7 small jingle bells, so it makes noise as he runs down the stairs :) 
And, here they are hung over the doors of my china cupboard. 25 little mittens just waiting to delight and surprise one special little boy. 

The verdict? He loves it! 

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