Friday, January 28, 2011

Looking for a man in a yellow hat....

Next weekend, we'll celebrate my nephew's 2nd birthday (which was 1/24). It's hard to believe he's been on the planet this long, but I have to say, he's a pretty awesome little kid. He plays h-a-r-d and is so curious. No wonder his favorite thing in the whole wide world is:

And my sister-in-law has established Curious George as the theme for his party! How cool is that for a room full of 2 year olds?! Being the wonderful Auntie that I am (insert applause here), I decided that he needs to "look the part" at his party. Behold the Curious George sweater:

It's a basic boys' sweater from Ann Budd's handy book of sweaters (drop sleeve), knit at the smallest size.

Size: 26 inch chest (2-4 year old size)
Yarns: Cascade 220 Superwash (blue), Berroco Vintage (browns, whites)
Needles: US 7
method: Intarsia (*shudder*)--- my skills improved on this project, but I chose to embroider the eyes and mouth.

And this past week, the birthday boy was visiting his maternal grandparents in Florida and was arriving home sans mittens. My sis-in-law has been having quite the time getting 1) mittens that fit, 2) mittens that stay on, 3) mittens that he doesn't immediately rip off, and 4) mittens that don't interrupt Very Important Toddler Play (this kid takes his snow play seriously!). Entire Auntie again:

Some leftovers in the stash from his dino hat resulted in a quick little mitten set (w/ string to eliminate LMS (lost mitten syndrome)). I chose a twisted rib (extra long- 2 inches!) to keep the cuff snug and a two-color pattern to make them doubly warm and add interest. The final product is 5 inches in circumference. and... direct from a facebook post: "Mittens were a success. He don't love having them on but at least he kept them. The size is perfect. Thanks again."


  1. That sweater is amazing! Your nephew will be out of his mind when he sees it. Also the mittens are lovely and the string is genius.

  2. *LOVE* the sweater! Great mittens, too :)