Tuesday, January 18, 2011

10 on Tuesday: game night

10 favorite games from childhood:

1. Sorry! There were 3 siblings, all within about a year or two of each other: this was the perfect board game from age 5-10.
2. Chutes and Ladders. Simple, easy to play, didn't take more than an hour.
3. Gin Rummy. We camped (alot!) and card games were the ultimate in entertainment for us.
4. Cribbage. Yup, we learned addition quickly when learning this game.
5. Gin. I still remember the first time I beat my dad in a game of gin.
6. Scrabble. As kids, we were all big readers, so this was a fun one... showing off your spelling words via the Scrabble board. (PC and I still play this, alot... if you ever want to play scrabble, come to our house: we have 4 versions!)
7. Trivial Pursuit. I loved this game! I am the queen of useless knowledge, so it came in handy, but oh, what fun.
8. Plinko: it involved not dropping a marble while removing sticks from a tube.
9. Boggle. (see Scrabble)
10. yahtzee!


  1. Plinko sounds the same as Kerplunk. Great list, Kate!

  2. Yeah, I could enjoy game night at your place! We are learning Bridge here!