Tuesday, January 04, 2011

10 on Tuesday

So, this week's 10 on Tuesday is for things we can't live without. Oh, and they can't be people. They must be things. Believe it or not, this was tough for me... I have lived without a lot and I've lived with a lot... this requires some really deep thinking.

*deeply thinking...*
*navel gazing...*

Got it!
1. My car. I love my Subaru, I do... but I absolutely 100% require a car to live. Stressed out? Long drive. Need some quality time w/ a friend; hop in the car. Camping vacation? Get.in.the.car and let's roll out. I am unnaturally attached to my car, and PC knows I am obnoxious when other people drive it.
2. My Coach purses. (wow... #2 and I'm starting to feel *slightly* superficial) Coach bags are comfy, stylish and rugged. Oh, and timeless. I'm currently rocking a nice hobo style from PC,which he so nicely purchased for my birthday. My goal is to carry it every day until my next birthday. :) This is tough b/c I have a LOT of bags. 
3. cell phone. Ugh. I love & hate this device all at the same time. It has email (work & home), phone, GPS, facebook, twitter, games.... all in one little black case. I'm a cell phone whore, too... i've been eyeing the new Android phones but haven 't pulled the trigger b/c I am pretending to have self control.
4. my knitting bag. It's Lexie Barnes (Lady B) and I love it. I can carry up to 5 small projects or 2 really big ones and it's perfect and did I mention that I love it?
5. My new Bartlett Yarns wool blanket. Srsly? House on fire, that puppy's coming with me. It's warm, it's made from sheep from my brother's girlfriend's mom's farm... I love it.
6. my kitchen island. This is the hub of our house. PC sits there and talks to me while I make dinner. Sometimes he's the sous chef, sometimes he's the peanut gallery. Friends sit here to chat and it's my fave place for a  cup of tea and a magazine. I do need to cushion the stools though.
7. My bed. PC & I have a super comfy bed...even though last night we realized it might be dipping in the middle (note to self; lose weight). It's where we laugh, love, and lay our heads to sleep each night.
8. my "Queen of Fucking Everything" mug from Christmas 2009. 'Nuff said.
9. my coffee warmer thing on my desk at work. Sylvie gave it to me b/c she knows I can keep a cup of coffee going all day long. This keeps it hot. 
10. .... I know we can't list people, so I'll say the tv... it's a source of entertainment and information. And we watch a LOT of it.

11.... PC. I can't imagine my life without you. *smooch*


  1. Good list and I know we can live without most things. That's why it was actually things we wouldn't WANT to live without. As in, we can, we just don't WANT to do it! lol

  2. My computer.
    Library card.
    Indoor plumbing.
    Indoor plumbing.
    Fresh produce.
    Indoor plumbing.