Monday, January 10, 2011

Rice 'A Roni...

Greetings from San Francisco! Yes, that's a laptop, work stuff and knitting..all on my hotel room desk. All work, a little play on this trip. :) Actually, I'm covering for a colleague who had her 1st baby last week. Mini's karma points are adding up. Unfortunately, not for my United flight: 2 scream-y babies and no bathrooms. Yup: all 3 potties were "out of order" within 15 minutes of reaching cruising altitude. That's a LOT of people running for the restrooms at the San Fran airport. 

The sock you see is a little 2011 experiment I am trying with my friend, Tracey. We are taking a clue from the Yarn Harlot herself and attacking our sock yarn stashes: 2011 Kate & Tracey Sock Yarn Club. :) Every month, we'll knit a pair of socks from stash. Every OTHER month, we knit from each other's stash :) Cool right? Feel free to join in: grab a friend and swap sock stash yarn in Feb, April, June, August, October, & December. By New Year's Eve 2011, you'll have 12 pair of socks and a nice dent in two sets of stash!

I've also cast on for a hat, but I need to email the designer, I think I'm reading the pattern wrong. :(


  1. Sorry about the flight, that must have been brutal. I hope the trip goes better and that the return flight is uneventful.

  2. All the way to CA without a bathroom! That is cruel and unusual punishment.
    I love the idea of a self imposed sock club. I can't wait to watch you knit all the socks.

  3. awesome! I love the idea of knitting with a buddy! I might need to ask my friend at work if she wants to do that!