Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Boston knitter in NYC...

A trip to Purl SoHo was, happily, in the cards for this trip. Yarn? Nope! Embroidery supplies! I have remained (mostly) strong in my commitment to knit down the stash and their excellent selection of Madeline Tosh or the sale on Manos silk/wool wasn't going to sway me. I treated the yarn walls like a petting zoo: nice to touch, but not coming home!

I grabbed two fat quarter packs that will complement my current fabric stash and help me get some quilts off my brain. The book is a great resource for my favorite kind of stitching:doodles! I'm a lifelong doodler, so I love this style. I see a lot of tea towels and felted mittens this fall! 

One sad thing? Something from Purl SoHo didnt make it into my bag and with our bus tomorrow, I wont get over there again. I hope they can mail it to me. I'm going to tweet them tonight to see what they can do... And call them tomorrow. 

W are on a brief break for the evening, then back out tonight for dinner and a movie. It has been so much fun hanging out with PC and my cousin, Jason. By the way, any NYC girls  reading? He is gorgeous, single, Christian, great job, very funny and lives in the east 70s. :) did I mention he is single?

More tomorrow, and hopefully some socks. Socks? What happened to the hat? Hunting down my US 7 dpns is what happened!