Friday, August 17, 2012

Ten years in the making

Ten years ago, two people in their mid- twenties went here to meet for a first date. Thirteen hours later, they said good night, knowing they had just met someone very special. 

Here are a few thoughts on that first date:
  •  Burgers and beer? Dream date!
  • 101 degrees Fahrenheit...there goes my cute hair, make up...
  • A bag of bread? 
  • Feeding ducks, being chased by geese
  • First act of heroism: defense against a goose
  • Franklin Park Zoo, holding hands by the flamingos
  • Pizza fromAngelina's
  • " I have AC, you want to come in?"
  • Omg, I melted today...will he like someone this sweaty and gross?
  • First perfect kiss
  • He is sweaty and gross too.... <3
A few short months later... So THAT is what they mean when they say "you will know when it's love." 

Ten years. 6.5 living together. Two apartments. One cat. Three couches. Three cars...and one love. 

Love you, honey. 

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