Wednesday, August 08, 2012

moonlight sonata

I headed back to the guild tonight after five months gone! Me, missing five months? Yikes! Guess that pesky job was really taking a toll on me! 

Tonight was just sit and knit, as its summer and, well.... We are really only there for the air conditioning. I worked on my blackberry wood hollow hat; it is coming along. Hopefully I will have it done tomorrow night.  We are leaving for NYC this weekend, visiting family, and  I will be hopefully visiting Purl Soho for the first time. I CANNOT WAIT. 

Purl Soho is my dream: fabric and yarn and embroidery? Consider me "in." 

Pics tomorrow of the finished hat. For now, here is something else to look at:

Moonrise off our campsite....I miss my lake!

1 comment:

  1. Kate, glad to see you back at the guild. We missed you.
    Have fun in NYC and at PurlSoho, a great shop!