Friday, November 30, 2012

Prophylactic Therapy for the Holidays

My house is 85% of the time, a hot mess. Or at least, I think it is. Today, there is laundry on the dining room table (it's been there since last Friday), a tv tray sits in the direct center of the living room. The ottoman is loaded with knitting, patterns, and a back scratcher. The cat's little toys are EVERYWHERE. My kitchen island has 3 AA batteries, a fruit bowl, headphones, 1 hurricane candle holder, a vase of dying flowers and an iPad on it. There are dishes in the sink. The craft room is filled with STUFF. 

Am I panicking about hosting 2 major Christmas parties in this mess? No.

Am I worried that everyone will think i'm a hoarder and dirty? No.

PC and I tend to clean up BIG once a week.It's not ideal for me, but I've learned to live with it. I've also started to think: we have too much stuff. I had this thought a few months ago and we ended up donating over 40 boxes of "stuff" to charity. Now, i'm moving onto other things that are just taking up too much space. 

I was reading ApartmentTherapy today and saw this article on knowing yourself and how you live in your home. I'd really like to change some things around our home and I think this was just the kick in the pants I needed. One thing that tops my mind: shoes. My shoes live all over the house. I have a shoe rack that I barely use. I'd like to have them by the back door, but the cat box is there. Kitty litter + my shoes = not a happy a.m. surprise. But, maybe I can move the trash can. Or the pantry and the  baker's rack can swap places. 

My biggest hesitation with doing anything major in this place was that it wasn't our "forever home." just a rental. But, it's the rental we've been in for over 3 years. And, with housing market and huge down payments needed, it'll probably be the one we're in for a few more years. So, why not install the mop hanging system on the cellar door? Why not ask if we can install shelves in the spare room? 

Tomorrow, I'll wake up and look around and think: ugh. And, then I'll start the laundry, clean out my clothing drawers, wash the floors and pick up around the house. What's more is that I'll be looking around at how we live. What we can live with, and live without. How to make our space more uniquely ours. 

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