Sunday, November 25, 2012

Justin Bieber...downfall of decor

We drove past a gorgeous, old mansion in our town last night. You do this, right? Go look at the houses you can't afford at night? Our town is notorious in the Boston area for wealth, so its like....expected to gawk at houses.

Anyway, back to the hobby drive. Gorgeous house. Stunning. No curtains on the first floor (love! If you don't want me looking: less money on light fixtures, save for some curtains). I slowed down to see this house. Then I saw it. The second floor window lit up . Hmm. Is that? Oh, yes it is. All that gorgeous design, landscaping, and gorgeous woodwork, and they have a room full of Justin Bieber posters. 

Teenagers. The anti- taste makers. 

My nephew, Jackson, needs a new winter hat. His jacket this year is red and black, I thought this would compliment nicely. The pattern is frm the latest IK accessories frm the fall, C220 super wash to the rescue! 

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  1. The hat is gorgeous! Or handsome. Whatever. It's going to look great with a red and black coat.
    I love the houses by Bellevue Golf Club. I'm sure you know where I mean, off the Fells way.