Wednesday, November 28, 2012

To: Ungrateful , From: Grinch-y

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Or, at least, December. With the wintry holidays quickly approaching, I'm seriously considering my to-knit list. It appears we'll be having a store-bought Christmas. This makes me a little sad, but then again, I always doubt my gifts when they are handmade. A pair of mittens I spent $28 on wool for, and 12 hours of my life, suddenly needs a $25 gift card so "it doesn't look cheap." No more.

On my needles are some mittens for my nephew to match his hat. My little friends to the North (cousin Sue's kids) need some new dollies, so I'll be whipping up those this weekend (Ysolde's pattern- quick and lovely).  PC? He might get some house socks, but he's cool if they aren't in the stocking. Mom's getting a scarf, but has requested socks. I dunno about that.

Other than that? I'm hitting the mall. And local purveyors, of course. I've become a bit of Grinch in past years, mostly because of particular attitudes during the holidays. I think I'm tired of not hearing Thank You (or in my case, hearing it said very curtly while the gift gets shoved somewhere). Someone recently said something near me (I overheard this conversation): A gift shouldn't come withe expectations and it shouldn't be received with them either. Enlightening! This Christmas, I'm removing any expectations from my gift giving and receiving. If I see something for $2 or $20 that makes me think of you, and I want to give it to you: done. Any gift I receive will be received for what it is: a thoughtful kindness given to me. The notion that someone thought of me when they saw it. I'm not talking about LOWERING expectations; I'm REMOVING them.

I know that if I knit mittens for PC's mom, or a hat for my dad, they will love it. But, I also have a new job and a tight schedule of events (parties, work events, etc) between now and the magical Christmas Eve. So, this year, the knitting will be relaxed. The presents will be bought, wrapped and set under the tree. No guilt. No worry that it won't be "enough" of a gift.

My gift to you this holiday season: remove your expectations, have a cup of tea, get a little knitting time in for you, and stop to enjoy the JOYS of the season. I know I will.

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