Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ten on Tuesday: the winter blah edition

Well, the mittens are done...and this second pair (malabrigo) are also done. And two hats and a baby sweater. Yes, I've been busy. I've also been not working, so there you have it. 

Carole is not a huge fan of winter, but I am. I will admit that after the third 6+ inch snowstorm, I can admit defeat as well. So, here are ten things I dont love about winter:
  1. Freezing rain. I hate damp, cold pant legs.
  2. Ice. I'm tired of clinging to railings on stairs.
  3. Slush. Snow or rain, pick one.
  4. Dry skin...eczema is my BFF and I kinda want to break up with her.
  5. Booger-y children. I love kids, I do!, but I don't love YOUR booger smearing little snowflake rubbing the apples in the grocery store. Yep. Yesterday. Made me buy different apples. And wash them eight times when I got home.
  6. Static hair. I electrocute the cat at least twice a day!
  7. Heating bills...we, blessedly, have natural gas, but even our chilly home (67 when people are home, 60 at night....put on a sweater!), the bill climbs.
  8. Reduced sunlight...I NEED light to function. I HATE dark rooms, so our electric bill escalates as well.
  9. Comfort food. Sounds good until you are trying to lift those extra pounds off your yoga mat.
  10. Less "outside" time....I love me some deck sitting. 
Countdown to camping began this month!  And to kick it off, PC and I are heading north for a mini vacation to our favorite place on earth: North Conway! 


  1. A mini break is just the thing to beat the winter blahs. Have fun!

  2. I always wondered why you liked winter. LOL. I never could see the appeal, myself. So I'm in Michigan! Stooopid!