Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Ten on Tuesday: memories addition

Rand Pond Campground, Goshen, NH

Ten things I miss from childhood...

  1. Camping at the pond...all summer long. We never came back to Boston unless school was about to start.
  2. Riding bikes. I was a great bike rider and I miss the freedom of it. Good thing I bought a new bike last year.
  3. Spending all day in your swimsuit. And not caring who saw you in it! I was the picture of fashion in my one piece and dirty Keds. 
  4. Driving ATVs. So.much.fun. As kids, my dad got us these and we loved them, especially my brother Jonathan and I. We would take off for hours on them....straight down logging roads and into the woods.
  5. Fishing. I never kept quiet enough and I always wanted to drive the boat, but as the only girl, it was a rare treat to go fishing by myself with my dad. 
  6. Walking to the library. We had a great public library in my hometown, and a great librarian... I used to walk down a few times a week to swap books.
  7. Fruit cocktail for dessert. In the little bowls... Mom always made sure we each got a cherry. 
  8. Feeding the birds at Nanas...It was my job to break up the bread,put it into the tin foil pie dish and feed them by the laundry line. 
  9. Hearing my grampy sing my name.... ka-Ka- Katie! Its an old song, and he used to sing it whenever he saw me.
  10. My godmother's hugs.i can still smell her perfume and feel the softness of her skin. 


  1. Your memories are wonderful, thanks for sharing them. Your memory of your godmother's skin makes me think of my grandma - I loved the feel of her cheek next to mine when she hugged me.

  2. Love this list! It's so much about the people who helped us grow up, isn't it?

  3. We camped all summer long too. What a wonderful way to be a kid! Great list!

  4. My favorite from your list is number 10. After all, it's the love we've received and the love we've given that makes life so piercingly wonderful.

  5. So lovely! I used to hang out with my brothers when they went fishing, but I probably scared away the fish!