Monday, September 12, 2005

Dolphins and cougars and socks oh my!

My sock-pal 2 socks are DONE! All washed and smelling fantastic. :) I wrapped them up with a sock band with a wee little dragon on it. :) They are on their way to Omaha, NE. I hope she likes them. This was one of those projects where somedays I liked the yarn, some days I hated it. Lorna's Laces is tricky. I bought the same color, same lot and the socks look different. Not even in that kitchy "oh it's cute they "kinda" match " sort of way. The purples are completely off one shade. Oh well, they are adorable.
They had to be mailed today (early) b/c of the trip to Geneva this week... So, my sockpal will have it by the "mail date."
Anyone I owe an email to: I am sorry. It might be until October when I get back to you. Tomorrow I leave for Geneva (the Alps!) for a business trip- global conference with the WHOLE company. Then I am home for a week- working a 70 hour week to catch up on all that I missed here... then off to Avignon, France for a two week training at our "home base" there. Yes, I know rough life. But, I really don't like traveling that far from home, alone for so long. I will live, but I am hoping that this doesn't become a "normal thing".
So, anyone want to guess where I saw this:
and this:
and this:
Why only here of course!

It was PC's birthday over the Labor Day Weekend, so we headed out west (longest plane ride for him so far!) to the land of Lost Wages and had a weekend of fun! We stayed at the Imperial Palace (that they are going to implode!) and had a blast playing blackjack with the "dealertainers". We had blackjack dealt to us by Reba McIntyre, Toby Keith, Billy Idol, Little Richard and the girl from Blondie. Also there was Dolly Parton, Ricky Martin, Elvis (young) and Stevie Wonder.

Question of the weekend:


So, for all my hard work, organizing, fretting, and stressing... On Tuesday, these arrived at work:
The card said "thanks for the best birthday ever." PC rocks. These smell awesome! A girlfriend from work needed a ride that evening and she rode in my car hanging onto them. For scale, they are about 28 inches off the top of the dresser. :) So, since I found out today that I will be checking a bag for Geneva (I need to shave my legs while there, so the razor needs to be checked)- I will probably pack a little knitting. :) We'll see. I have tons more pictures from Vegas... and now, I will have more from Geneva!
Happy Knitting Monday!


  1. My goodness, you certainly are a jetsetter this month! Hope you have a wonderful trip to Geneva. Don't eat too much chocolate!

  2. you know, i didn't even notice the difference in color until i read your blog, lol. and yes, i did receive them today. i was thrilled to death. i couldn't figure out why i was getting a package from mass, until i thought "sock pal" and theni couldn't wait to get into them. they're great, and WARM! (i have hot feet, so these won't get worn until much later, but they are great!)