Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Socks, cheese and Geneva

Well, I have returned from Geneva and Annecy, France as a new woman! I am a woman with a stamp on her passport! :) I had always said, I wanted one stamp on my passport before I turned 30 and dammit, I was ready to drive the 4 hours to Montreal to get it too, if need be. Nope, work did it for me.

But you want knitting stuff, right? Ahh...so many projects underway, some being re-thunk and some are "will post when it's done" b/c it's progress is yawn-inducing.

My sock pal socks arrived! My sock pal was Kira and I have to tell you I love them! Her kids picked out my colorway and they are perfect for the autumn girl in me! Stop on over and tell her hello! :) They are Lorna's Laces and the pattern is Broadripple... they fit PERFECTLY. And they are an international knit: California to London to English countryside to Edinburg... These socks and I have the same amount of international flight miles! :) Kira sent me a calender from Santa Cruz and an adorable picture of my "color consultants" (her kids)--- Kira, I put the picture up in my cubicle at work... :) Their grins make me smile! Tell them to look for a little "boomerang" for being such great color consultants!

So, here is where my conference was:
Le Baie des Voiles (Sail Bay)
Lake Annecy France, in the town of D'Uginet, at the foot off the Alps, about 50km from Mont Blanc. Yup, I know, my life is hard. There were 20 of us from all the teams: French, US, and Japan. It was a good conference for our company and much was accomplished. I also learned that once you start drinking everyday at lunch, that whole 'no tolerance' thing gets tossed out the window. I also learned a hard lesson in friendship during this trip. Tomorrow I will tell you about white water rafting in 28 deg F Alpine water and how my colleague saved my life ( I still have a rather large egg on my head from the trip).

PC started a brand new job last week and he's really excited about it.

I also got my SP6 assignment and this is going to be fun! My SP already stopped by to say hello! :) I can't wait! I have a few surprises up my sleeve!

And now, I leave you with a few pictures that I took from my room in Annecy... yes, this is the view from my business trip:

These are from Geneva and the 1st is the view from the Best Western in Port Sud Geneve:

Happy Knitting Tuesday! More info tomorrow!

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  1. Cool, I am so glad that you like the socks and that they fit! It was a bit scary knitting them and not knowing because my feet are bigger, so I guessed really!
    The kids had a great time picking the colours, and my daughter at least wants a pair exactly the same!
    Have fun with the socks, and I am glad that they have gone to a good home!!!!