Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas is when?


ugh. My high hopes are sufficiently dashed. I am going to do something I have NEVER done before. I am not going to be able to finish a Christmas gift. I know, I know... the ultimate shame. But, before I get admonished back to the days of garter stitch scarves with novelty yarn, let me give you the context:

1) PC and I decided to have my parents to Christmas dinner at our place. this involves cleaning my house. a lot.
2) #1 also means I need to grocery shop, bake cookies and make a pie.
3) Saturday we have our last pre-Christmas Christmas party.
4) I still have to go wait in line for gift cards at Barnes and Noble. yeah, start laughing... anyone around Boston knows this means I will be waiting in line to get into the parking lot first!
5) I have started a new job. A great job. A job I love. A job that is mentally taxing and doesn't let me out of work until 5:30 -6pm. ( I used to get home at 4;30pm)--- by the time I get home, make dinner... eat... I don't want to do anything else.
6) I feel like crap. I have felt like crap for 2 weeks. I am done with feeling like crap.

So, the present i am NOT finishing? My dad's sweater. I have the front (mostly) done, the back done, and I need to knit the sleeves. And no, my dad would not LOVE LOVE LOVE a sweater vest ( I tried that, PC vetoed anything that will make my dad look like a "tool"). So, now I am without present for Dad... what to do?

Double thick hat in superwash wool ( thank you wild and woolly for being open today!)--- knit on US 8 and knit top down to the brim, row of purl, then knit bottom up from the purl row--- then simply insert one hat inside the other! this will be a fun project for Friday night. Of course, the note with the hat will be:

"I didn't make my deadline,
I am so so very sad....
At Thanksgiving, I made a beeline
to the chosen wool I had!
Best intentions were announced
and onto the wool balls,
Pumpkin did roll and pounce;
me, thinking, I could do it all.
Along the way,
something went awry.
I knit and knit, and never make headway
Each row is a new try...
but, give me a little extra time,
and you will surely say
"this sweater is great and mine, all mine!
I'm glad you took an extra day!"
So, here's a hat for you to wear,
I know that it really can't compare...
but, by New Year's Night
your sweater'll be done... if that's all right?"

So, think Dad'll forgive me?
:) Mini


  1. Into each stitch, such love and thought,
    How could he not?

  2. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Of course he will and he'll be extra happy with the hat.
    I've got the inlaws coming Sunday and my parents on Monday so I'm totally understanding about the cooking and cleaning. I don't know if I'll be ready.

  3. since it is the 2nd day of Christmas.... hi happy christmas!!! how are you guys doing?

  4. Anonymous3:37 PM

    What pattern is this? I am trying to make some for my son's college soccer team in school colors and I think this pattern will work perfectly...

    Thanks, Diane from Holden