Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I hope everyone out there in Blogland had a very merry christmas or at least enjoyed the day off. :) This Christmas was a year of firsts in the Mini & PC family.
  • Our first Christmas in our own apartment
  • Our first Christmas living together
  • the first time my father didn't eat Christmas dinner in my parents' house (our family has always lived in that house)
  • the first Christmas eve with my brother's new girlfriend (of one year... truly lovely girl)
  • the first Christmas that PC and I weren't at my parents' until 1am or later (home by 11!!)
  • our first tree....
  • with our first cat....
  • first time hosting a "holiday" at my house!

So, here is something I did for my tree this year that I am definitely doing again! I made garland from Fimo dough --- shaped like gingerbread men. I cannot explain how happy these made me.

Pumpkin T. Cat: applicant for giftwrapper at the mall. All our gifts had little holes in them b/c Pumpkin was "helping" wrap presents. Too cute. She seemed to love Christmas!

Do you see what I see??

The button band for my mom's sweater with the crazy buttons I picked.

the gorgeous shawl collar with picots....

Finito!! and I have to say, it looks FABULOUS on her! She wore it for Christmas day!

Pattern: Sierra Cardigan from IK Fall 2006

Yarn: DB Cashmerino Aran, 11 balls

needles: Addis US8

Once the dinner was done, the gifts opened (PC bought me a new Vera bradley bag that will be my primary knitting bag... it's gorgeous! and had TONS of pockets.. he also bought me yarn (cherry tree hill!) and US0, US1, and US2 bamboo dpns. *grin*), it was time to think about the future. So, armed with a gift card from PC's parents (v. generous), I headed out with my brother's gf to the natick mall. Macy's was having a good sale and I had a goal: COACH. Yup, as a collector of Coach bags, I wanted to get a new one this winter... so, we headed over to the Macy's to look at their selection (FYI: the after-christmas sale is the few sales where higher-end goes on sale). I went in wanting a brown satchel and walked out with a black pebbled leather shoulder tote--- LOVE IT!

Also, we have been very fortunate: many family and friends had given us some NICE furniture for our apartment. But, some stuff was going to need to be upgraded: very specifically,the dining room table and the cocktail table in the living room. :) Our current dining room table is 42 inches long by 30inches wide. It seats 4 if you don't put the food on the table. So, yesterday, I went to Jordan's and i found this:

it's reasonable, very pretty and will seat 8 when fully extended...

Overall, a great Christmas... I will update more tomorrow.

FYI: I am getting a cold. ick.

:) Mini


  1. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas!
    The sweater you knit for your mother is lovely. I bet she was thrilled!
    The new diningroom table is so nice. Don't you love the furniture at Jordan's!

  2. pretty sweater. and lovely table. i miss jordans.