Friday, December 29, 2006

Is it really over?

So, I think PC said it best last night when he said he "feel(s) like a kid who got too many toys for Christmas- (he doesn't) know what to play with first."

There is the overwhelming feeling in the Mini-PC household this week. Is it because the house is a disaster area right now? Is it b/c there are dishes in the sink and a Mini who is pretty much flat out refusing to cook? Is it b/c I have to finish my Dad's sweater ASAP and the cat ate the needles and ripped out a good 2 inches??

Nope. It's just that time of year. The time of year where you feel like you were supposed to get your life together, but you didn't. So much has happened in 2006, I am having mixed emotions over letting it go. A quick recap? Here we go:

Dad getting cancer.
Dad battling chemo, radiation and a very scary surgery.
Dad's heart stopping... more scary doctors
PC and I moving in together at one of the most awful times of my life.
PC proving that, among other great talents, he is the strongest person I know.
Finally standing up for myself at work and taking a career leap.
Having the career leap smack me in the face.
making another one.
Learning I can't do it all.
Learning to ask for help.
Learning to accept help.
Two words: the cat.
Quitting smoking.
Not smoking for 301 days and having wanted to

It's been a long, winding year. I can only hope that this year (2007) is less "eventful" and more "event filled". We have several new babies on the way (friends, family) and that is always a wonderful thing to look forward to. PC and I are looking forward to our life together in 2007.

There will be some exciting blog news this weekend--- stay tuned! Stop by here before New years' eve for a contest announcement and some great prizes to be given away!

:) Mini


  1. Anonymous9:57 AM

    You have had a full year! I am so proud that you are a nonsmoker! Quitting is harder than hard and with all the stress you've had it's a testament to how strong you are.

  2. Such a year! I sure hope things calm down for you. But (hold me back) YAY!!! YIPPPEEE!!! I'm so glad you've been able to stay off the ciggy butts for that long! So many of my friends have tried and failed and their health at our advanced age is just awful. Plus there's that gray tone to the skin...ick. Keep it up!! I hope the job is going well. - Jan

  3. I am woefully late, Kate, but I am sincere with my little "Happy Holidays"! :) Here's to 2007 being better!