Thursday, December 07, 2006

Yarn Aboard package received! In all honesty, I had almost forgotten about this swap! My package came from Adriane (no blog addy provided?) and has the best stuff in it! I will try to take a crappy cell phone photo of it tonight (yarn, some vintage patterns, a jingle ball kit....) b/c we have determined the following:
home computer + digital camera = nothing. Nope not working.

So, I don't know if I can use the work one (I'm still new... don't want to push it!), so after-holiday sales abound: Mini's getting a computer! Possibly a laptop! We don't need much, but with me starting school this summer, I'm going to need it to be portable!

So, cell phone photo tomorrow (if I can figure that out!)

And, tonight: filling the box! :)

:) Mini
PS- Christmas knitting update:
1) sweater for mom: needs blocking and photo and buttons
2) sweater for dad: back done
3) mittens for bro's gf: need thumbs
4) scarf and mittens for SIL: need thumbs
5) mittens for grandmother: still 2 skeins of yarn!

I have made some hats, etc... but they don't need to go out until after Christmas :)

Shopping is almost done too! need to hit the B&N to get all the little ones gift cards-- I love giving the gift of reading!


  1. Anonymous1:34 PM

    There you are! I've been wondering if all is OK.
    It sounds like you've got your Christmas knitting well under way.
    Good to know that you're alive;)

  2. Thanks for the lovely Yarn Aboard box!