Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nipple Tape

A few weeks ago, my guild (MetroWest Knitting Guild) hosted Joan Michael-McGowan as a guest teacher for a weekend. There were many wonderful classes offered, but I only participated in two: vintage knitting and whip your knits.

Vintage knitting gave us old lace patterns that would be great accents to blankets, pillowcases and even plain ole stockinette sweaters. Not my normal cup'o'tea, but i am trying to step outside my comfort zone (not with car purchases, but more about that later).

Whip your knits was probably the best thing I have ever done in terms of understanding knitting for myself. The first exercise resulted in the photo you see above: nipple tape. And waist tape and arm tape. By buddying up and armed with masking tape and our trusty sheepy tape measures,Trinknitty and I set to work, measuring each other and writing down the measurements. Oh.my.goodness. What an eyeopener!

Now, Item #1. You have a photo of ME on the blog. Yup. Talk about WAY outside my comfort zone, but I have to tell you.... last year a photo of myself that I saw put me in a state of depression--- well, it was bad. This year, with WW and the gym and tennis (starts tonight!!!), I am slightly smaller. And, you can tell by the smile on my face, I am having so much fun at this class. So, maybe more Mini photos "IRL" (in real life) as I am know going to try to knit more for ME!!

Tonight I pick up the new car. I think her name will be Betty Sue, the Vue. The Kia's name was "ka-ka-kia!" b/c my grampy used to sing "ka-ka-ka-kay-teeeee" to me all.the.time. I miss that. There's a lot involved in my heart with handing over the Kia to PC and taking on the new car. My first adult purchase was that car. It was the first thing over a thousand dollars that I owned. I learned alot buying and paying for that car. PC keeps asking me why I don't seem more outwardly excited about the Vue... and it's kind of hard to explain. I know I will love this car. But, while we were test driving cars, I had the opportunity to buy something "fully loaded" and kinda sexy. Not so "soccer mom" or "safe and reliable". Something that would turn heads. But, as with all things in my life, practicality won out (PC says this is an endearing quality of mine) and I bought the Vue. And I will love it (I already do--- they're giving her a bath and installing the remote start today), but doesn't everyone want to be the sports car once in their life?

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