Thursday, April 24, 2008


I am really glad so many of you like the "WW Wednesday" idea... please let me know if you have a favorite or if you made any changes to a recipe that I should know about (i.e. "adding BBQ sauce really yummed it up!").

Pressure. Pressure at work (big presentation next Friday--- trying not to throw up). Pressure at home--- huge car repairs and car buying decisions to be made. Pressure from knitting. Yup. I have some projects to complete and I am trying to not impose deadlines. Baby C--- you will have hand knit items, but if your baby blanket doesn't start behaving itself, permanent time out!!! I am also working on some stash reduction (stop laughing!!).

On my knitting queue:

baby backpack (jungle theme) for Baby M's 1st b-day, complete with finger puppets.
baby blankie (knit) for Baby C's shower
baby quilt (sewn) for Baby C's shower
orange aran wiggles for me!
cotton pullover for me.
fionn for PC
Oh Canada! for me (using Kim's yarn)
Cobblestone for my dad
Mr. Green Jeans for my mom
10 pairs of socks

That's my list for the year. I might add in another sweater for myself right around Christmas.
Oh, one more pressure:


(you knew there was a reason I wasn't blogging, didn't you?)

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