Saturday, April 26, 2008

Unexpected Expenses

Okay. The yarn stash is officially at maximum capacity. The beloved Kia (my car for the past 10 years) has been a "problem" for a few months. She groans, I offer a quick fix, my wallet cries. We get along for a few weeks, she cries a little more, I sigh, open wallet and start feeling weepy myself. There have been hushed discussions about quality of life and "being able to get places, like work"... decisions have been made and considered.

Banks were called.

Decisions were made.

Cars were driven.

Dealers were pushy and ready to deal.

Overall, the result is that the Kia will live on in our family, as PC's back-n-forth to work car, with some repairs (will save us buying 2 cars this year!!!) and *fingers crossed* this will be in the driveway Tuesday night:

2007 Saturn Vue,V6, 3.7L, 270 hp, AWD
Got her for a steal at Saturn of Norwood. A review of my service later this week. I have to say, having been "among" car dealers for over 3 days straight, I felt confident buying my new baby here. Oh, and the finance guy even got me a lower rate than I was preapproved. Even better.
So, yarn shopping: no mas until Christmas. So, feel free to send yarn!
:) kate

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