Tuesday, April 24, 2012

10 on Tuesday: vacation

Today's 10 on Tuesday is pretty appropriate for Carole...I'm guessing her #1 is "not visiting battle sites." Mine are pretty "specific"  as 99% of PC and my vacations are camping. Camping is great and  I love it,but  it's not a worry free or stuff-free vacation.
photos to show what we love about camping

So, top 10 things about coming HOME from vacation...

1. Showering inside. And without flip flops. Our favorite campground doesn't heat the bathrooms, so our May and October camping trips are plagued with eye-opening showers. 
not Dan.

2. Sleeping on a real mattress. Off the ground. Our double height air mattress is great, but after a week? i'm ready for my bed.
not quite, but i do have a rug. 

3. prep space for cooking.We have a camp stove, a camp grill and a camp kitchen that we take on weeklongs... I love them all,but I miss my island. 
mine is very close to this

4. the right tools for cooking--- i have most of what I need, but limited to 1 pan, 1 pot. 

5. TV for rainy days. Yup, I love camping,but when it's dark and a rainy night, sometimes you miss the good old tv. I love to read, so my nook gets a hefty workout when we're camping.

6. Not having to hike to find the bathroom. Our favorite campground has 2 bath houses... neither of which is next to our favorite sites. 
our camp has these, but they aren't in use. But they have them!

7. The cat. Yup, I'm one of those... I miss Pumpkin when we're away. She doesn't miss us, though... she's at PC's parents house, living the high life.
Pumpkin as a baby

8. Having everything in one place. When you camp, you end up moving stuff. Alot. Like the coolers into and out of the cars (bears).

9. Air conditioning.... last year, we camped during the hottest week in N.H. history. With a 3 year old. Granted, we were by the lake all day, but still... barely a breeze and even the shade was hot. 

10. planning the next camping trip!!!
our first site at Cove Camping Area, Conway Lake... 7 years ago. 


  1. Planning the next trip as soon as you come home is key!

  2. Did I go camping once? I must have, and realized what a pain in the butt it is... because it's dead-last on my list of things to do again! It might be different now, without little kids. I love the idea, just not the actual doing. Home was NEVER so sweet!!

  3. OMG! I am totally with Vicki - I don't do camping!

    Great list though. :)

  4. You are the only true camper from the comments group today! Hats off to you. I used to love to camp and still do, for a night or two!!! Nothing like camping. I miss my cats on vacation!!