Monday, April 23, 2012

great stash knitdown

The 2012 great stash knit down continues. To date, I haven't purchased a single skein or ball of yarn in 2012. Imagine that? Even when Kim at Woolen Rabbit announced her yarn club. (my heart sank) Or when Webs decided to inundate my house with reminders that the anniversary sale is NOW! (and Cascade 220, my go-to standard, is on sale for like $5). Or when I sat down at Iron Horse Farms in Natick with Dora and flipped through pattern books. And helped her buy yarn. I bought two pattern books, a set of needles and a knitting basket. But no yarn. :) And, as an aside to the lovely owner of Iron Horse-- she respected my wish to shop the stash first, my commitment to knitting with what i have... never pushed. I will be back. Not my favorite shop, but it will get my yarn dollars just for that. Oh, and the kitchen table to sit at and flip through pattern books.

What's on my needles? Finishing up a Molly scarf in Noro Silk, a sweater for a bambina (! a girl!) on the way, sweaters for next fall for her brothers... and some hats, mittens, fingerless mitts. Yup, i'm busy and I have two quilts that need to be 1) quilted and bound, 2) designed, pieced, layered, quilted and bound.

I'm a busy woman!

"Don't put me down until I'm dry. Ok?"
"If eyedrops and medicine mean 2 cookies, what does a bath mean? My own chicken?"
I leave you with adorable cat-washing photos... Pumpkin was very well behaved during her bath. Not a meow, a hiss or growl to be heard. She resisted, but she really liked being dried off in a warm fluffy towel. And she's cleaner now. And, hopefully, less dandruff-y.


  1. Poor Pumpkin. I think she deserves a turkey.

    (and good for you on the stashdown! I wish I could say the same.)

  2. hello mini my love, yep, those are the "little' girls on knitty. they are way too big!

    Miss you!

  3. Mariuca8:31 AM

    Pumpkin, Poomba and Timone are sending kitty love and hugs to you:)