Saturday, April 28, 2012

Luckiest Auntie

You know those friends of your parents? The ones who were family, even though you weren't related? Well, our Noodle is our "niece" but her mom and I are not sisters, in the traditional sense.

Today, I got to share the day with Mari and Noodle at the Gore Sheep Festival in Waltham, Mass. No yarn, still on my diet, but I did get some new bling. Hope your weekend was full of fun, fiber and friends, too.


  1. We had lots of fun on Saturday and Noodle still talks about the fried dough!

  2. Ack, just lost my comment. I'll try again. My kids have one of those, my best friend, Lynn. We've referred to her at times as the "nice mom." Funny thing is her kids have felt that way about me, too. The grass is always greener... also, I have a daughter named Mari, still love the name but sometimes wish I used a different spelling as we intended it to be pronounced mah-ry and she often gets Marie or Mary.