Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ten on Tuesday-feelin hot, hot, hot!

  Ten on Tuesday

Beating the heat....hmm. I kinda hate the summer. Especially here in the Northeast, it's never the temps that get me....you guessed it! It's the humidity. I hate that feeling like you are wading through a cup of hot soup. Your hair goes wacko, your shorts stick to you, and you never feel "right".  And, Boston is on it's third heat wave (+90F for three r more days) in 2013. 

But, I do know how to stay cool!

  1. Air conditioning. Find it. Stay there. Malls, shops, friends houses...
  2. Find a hill. Sunds silly right? My parents live on a hill and there s always a breeze.
  3. Popsicles! Cool, low calorie instant cool. 
  4. Icy water...I love ice.cold.water in the heat.
  5. Iced coffee. I have a secret recipe that is to die for and make a double batch every night!
  6. Municipal pools. We have some great ones in the greater Boston area...and a day pass is cheap. Cheaper than the beach.
  7. Tank tops and shorts- my summer wardrobe. The less clothing, the better.
  8. Sunscreen! Nothing makes you hotter than a sunburn.
  9. Cool showers. This house hasn't taken a warm shower in weeks! 
  10. Ponytails. Pig tails. Braids. Get that hair up and off your neck!


  1. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Really super secret iced coffee recipe? Like you really won't share? I am typically not a coffee drinker but have been making an iced coffee every morning for the past month. Your list now makes me want one - or a popsicle....

  2. Great list! Great ways to stay cool!

  3. That super secret iced coffee sounds intriguing!