Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Treats for summer

Ten treats? How about 100? No? Okay, ten...but not in any order.

My new diet is wheat free, soy free, sugar free, low carb and lean proteins, so here is what i am treating myself to this summer:

1. Watermelon. I love it ice cold. No salt, no feta, just melon.
2. Corn on the cob. I get it once a year and it has to be the local kind.
3. Non fat, sugar free fro yo. From Cabots in Newton.
4. Nectarines!  Non of the hassle of a peach, but all the juice.
5. Grilled...anything. PC is a grill master and has turned out bison steaks, tuna, halibut, scallops and chicken that is mind blowing.
6. Zucchini. I am a zucchini addict. Grilled, sauteed, in stews, on salads...
7. Popsicles. Sugar free, but i love them in the summer.
8. Iced coffee. We drink gallons of this a week.
9. Late nights on the back deck. PC and i sit there and dream about whats next for us.
10. Camping...we love our summer house ( coleman tent) and cant wait to run away for a quick camping weekend on our favorite lake.

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