Thursday, April 07, 2005

I'm Baaaack!

Hey there... sorry, it's been "one of those days". No, that's a lie. It's been one of those WEEKS! With Monday off for Grampy's internment, I am still feeling suprisingly stressed out. BIG company that I am interested in working for called me back to meet with Head Honcho #2. It went well, I think. I am always so nervous in these things, like they are going to check my DNA or pull up an FBI file on me, or something!

A Review:
Phantom of the Opera, Boston Opera House, Boston, MA

We saw this on Sunday, the matinee. It was unbelievable! Even PC managed to stay awake. (still suprising, since it was a love story, moves kind of slow ) So, the soprano that sang the part of Christine was amazing and well, the Phantom.... he gave me chills. Overall, a great performance. If you are in Boston, near Boston or looking for a reason to see Boston, I highly recommend this. Even if you are just going to ogle the newly restored theater. :) Some good ogle-ing to be had!

2nd Review:
Morton's, THE steakhouse, Corner of Boyslton and Exeter, Boston MA

OH MY GOSH! I am NOT a a carnivore by any means. PC is, but anyone who knows PC knows, he's a carnivore... he even eats ducks. *shudder* So, when he suggested a post-dinner meal at Mortons (the most $$$ place in Boston... and that's saying a lot, b/c we love to eat here in Boston), I said "sure". I wanted to try it but was thinking "they'll have fish". Well, I had the most perfect gin-and-tonic, great broiled scallops in bacon, and a filet of oskar (a filet mignon, split, topped with a log cabin of asparagus and the cabin houses lump crab meat).... I have to say, a good close 2nd to sex. I don't care what anyone says... NOTHING is better than sex, right honey? :) *wink, wink, nudge, nudge* ha ha ha I also had a Godiva hot chocolate cake for dessert. Once home, I immediately slipped into a food coma.

So, back to knitting and stuff... well, I worked on the zippy hoodie for my brother's gf, but it's stockinette and I never added pockets.... oh, that sounds whiny. Hmm... well, I will work on it tonight, I promise! Her b-day is next week and I need to knit quickly. It'll rain this weekend and PC needs to watch something called the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), so knitting will be done.

I know, I have been promising some pictures and I am going to work on that over the next two weeks also. Computer access right now is only at work, so it could get tricky.

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