Monday, April 11, 2005

Weekend Walking

And boy did we walk! On Saturday, in an effort to "get in shape", PC and I went for a walk. First walk, the little park between Jamaica Pond and the Longwood area... y'know, the one with the ball park? Well, we did 25 minutes, 3/4 mile, leisurely pace and it was aborted b/c I had to pee. All this water (at least 48 ounces per day) is really starting to put a damper on all kinds of things, like watching movies all the way through. And walking. So, after a brief stop at Dunkin' Donuts for use of their facilities (no, I didn't buy anything, but I figure, I have been givign them $1.50 per day for the past 6 years... they can let me pee), it was off to a new location for walking: the Arnold Arboretum. Now, it's not in bloom yet, but the birches looked pretty and there were some flowering magnolias. I suggest that you go to the top of the hill- great views, bonus: the whole thing is FREE!

So, after a night of UFC... Oh My, was this different. PC explained all the rules, like no sticking your fingers in the other guy's eyes, nose or mouth (why would you put your fingers in someone else's nose???). So, I watched, dutifully, while knitting and rooted for a guy from Massachusetts to win (he lost). It was interesting in that "oh-is-that-a-fire-truck-heading-for-a-train-wreck-let's-follow-it" kind of way. I promptly fell asleep on the couch mid-third battle. It's a weird little mix of karate kid and pro wrestling with a little boxing thrown in. Now, I LOVE boxing. I'm really glad that boxing has been added as a part of hockey in the past few years also. :)

So, what did we do Sunday you ask? Well, the grandparents-in-training that we are (sorry to all grandparents, but we find we have more in common with people 40+ years older than us than with our own age group), we went for another walk! Yup, a little closer to home and a great standby for the "what do you want to do today" question. If you live in or around Boston, check this place out, it's even got a "Bark Place" doggie run about 1/2 mile into the trail: Breakheart Reservation.

A very special man worked there as a "ranger", but I will always think of him as the 6 year old boy that I babysat. His name was Chris Dunne, nicknamed Dunnso by those who loved him. He was a man with special needs and as a child, he was a very special kid. Special b/c he never let his wheelchair slow him down--- especially when he wanted to "let it fly" down the very steep hill that he lived atop. He was a great kid, and he made my mom smile on a daily basis. We stopped at the new visitor center at Breakheart on Sunday, if you are there, stop in and say hi. Chris always wanted to make the reservation more handicap accessible b/c he spent many a school trip there and knew how much access to those places could influence all people. So, I smiled to myself on Sunday, as a wheelchair-bound "ranger" asked me if I needed any help finding info in the lodge. "No, thanks" I said, looking at Chris's picture... i had found what he wanted everyone to see.

Sunday is for adventurous cooking. I cooked mahi-mahi fillets on the George Foreman along with asparagus and sweet potatoes. Yummy! PC, as my sous chef, did an excellent job! I do have to say, now having seen what a mahi-mahi looks like, I am convinced, it's the ugliest fish.

Knitting, well, let's say that more should have been done this weekend, but it isn't. It is no where NEAR complete. I have an appt tonight after work and well, I have to do my taxes, but other than that, I should be knitting.

PS- I took tons of photos this weekend, but no uploading yet.


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