Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Help! help! help!

Does anyone know how to fix Blogger? When people leave a comment, I can't email them back anymore. :( I want to email you back! I have had so many nice comments and I can't email you back!!! So, I am SOO SOO SOO sorry. :( If anyone knows how to fix it, let me know!

Also, Pumpkin (Princess of Pumpkins) appreciated all the comments about how she's a good loving cat. She says "i know!" We really do love her and we try to have fun with her, but some days... she is like 5 cats. All she wants to do is play, play, play. So, we try to play with her and keep her active (she's a small cat and she loves her cookies... we want a nice balance), but we usually tire out before she does. Last night, I was "invaded" by her again... I think she's just cold and figures I have slept enough without her for the night. I do notice that she's doing it, I think we are both on auto-pilot at this point, though. A few of you commented that we should segregate her at night. We did that, but she cries and then I am miserable. So, we let her roam our v.small apartment at night. For the most part, she leaves us alone-- she has a heated mat and toys (oh, the toys!) and two (yup 2!!!) climb-y/pull-y tree snuggle things.

More later... today is gonna be a LONG day.


  1. I can't help with the Blogger issue, but I have a comment on Pumpkin. I, too, have a cat that gets me up at insanely early hours. This is something I have grown to tolerate because it doesn't happen every night, it is often connected to changes in the weather, and because she does this because she is so darn HAPPY. You see, this particular cat is a feral rescue cat who survived being hit by a car (albeit with severe internal injuries). I wouldn't eject your cat from the bedroom at night, but I would be careful not to reward her when she does get you up. That means don't feed or play with her. That would just give her more incentive to wake you up.

  2. I have no idea about blogger and emails but I think I read this somewhere else, too.
    Hope it's not too long of a day for you.

  3. I have the same problem with blogger. The only people I'm able to reply to are the ones who have an email address available in their profile. I've actually contemplated moving my blog somewhere else.

  4. I'm not entirely sure, but I think the problem with Blogger is this: When they switched to the new version, everything became based on a gmail account. The default email address associated with your profile is now a gmail account and the default when you switched was not to show your email address on your profile. I think that if you change it so that you allow your email address to be shown on your profile, it will allow you to be replied to from your comments when they email to the blog owner. But, I have not found a way to have this email address be set to anything other than a gmail account. Which I have, but don't really use. So, if people replied to me there, I wouldn't see it for eons. It's stupid proprietary bullshizz, if you ask me.

    And, of course, I could be completely wrong. :)

  5. Fix Blogger? Surely you jest - 'tis the most perfectest system ever!

    Now, when you finish laughing at that (as if!), try Haloscan - I've used it for years for comments and been quite happy - the period where I had to use Blogger (Haloscan and Blogger Beta were not compatible) sucked.

  6. I've recently converted my comments to HaloScan. So far, so good. If you want, you can go to my blog
    and scroll down a couple of posts to the post titled "comments" and you'll see a little bit about my experience when I added it. Good luck!