Saturday, March 10, 2007

Photos and then some...

Ok, I know you have all been chomping at the bit to see some photos. Well, I have *some* but, first some information. All of you who participated should give yourselves a HUGE pat on the back. Not ONLY did we get enough hats to give to Childrens' Hospital, but we already dropped off hats to Franciscan Hospital for Children and Tufts/Floating Hospital for Children here in Boston. Boston Medical Center and the Hasbro Children's hospital (RI) will also benefit from your hard work.

Oh! I wanted you to know (b/c so many asked)... we didn't really do any "PR" on this project-- too big, too fast, if you know what I mean. I (and PC) believe that community service and charitable acts are for the benefit of doing good, not for getting your name in the paper. Therefore, I am very happy to say that we have received the nicest thank you letters from the organizations who have already received hats. (PC and I are doing this on Saturday mornings, due to the fact that we work until 6pm or so... it's going to take awhile to get all these hats in my little car!)

Here are the hats!

Note: pumpkin is a small cat (like 9-10lbs) and kinda "short"... oh, and this is a queen size bed. When I stood next to the pile (and I am 60 inches tall), it was over my head. PC measured it at 35 inches off the TOP of the bed.
Pumpkin wanted me to add this note from her:
"In order to assuage any concerns about my choosing winners, I am demonstrating my selection protocol:"


  1. Wow, that is some giant load of hats! It's so good of you to handle distribution.

  2. That is the biggest, fuzziest most colorful pile of hats I have ever seen! Well done.
    The cat reminds me of the one I had growing up. They are both beautiful cats.

  3. That is a mega pile of fuzzy hats. Glad to hear that there more then enough to spread the joy to other places. They were fun to make. :)

  4. Anonymous1:15 AM

    That is even better than I expected! How are you resisting the urge to roll around in them?

    (emily - ym)

  5. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Holy cow! That is quite a happy (though tiring) sight! Goon on ya for spearheading this effort.