Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Vacation Help Needed

So, there will be a knitting update tomorrow... I have my guild meeting tonight and then tomorrow at lunch: trip to the PO to mail out all the winning prizes (if you've been waiting,I'm sorry!).

As you can see from the title, PC and I need some help with our vacation this year. As a little FYI: PC and I take normally one vacation a year. And then some long weekends here and there. This year? It's all about the long weekends. :)

In June, we want to head down to DC. (yes! Capital yarns!) The purpose being we both haven't been there since we were 12 and well, the museums and zoo seem a lot more interesting to us now. PC and I have decided to take Amtrak from Boston to DC (7 hours... no driving!) and then stay near a Metro stop. BUT, when I was there last, I was with a school trip and PC was staying with family (not an option)... so, we don't know where to stay!

Here's another contest!

Suggest a hotel/B&B for PC and Mini to stay at from June 6-11 (Thurs through Monday) in DC for less than $160 (average) per night. If we pick your hotel (by end of April), then you'll be receiving a gift in the mail. :) A yarn-y gift and a postcard from DC while we are on vacation.

Email me at kskaareATgmailDOTcom or leave a comment (make sure your email address is in the comment...) by march 31st.



  1. Dale and I were talking about DC for April and I couldn't find anything much for under $180. Good luck!

  2. Back in 2001 my husband and I stayed in the Marriott in Falls Church VA (although the Marriott site is saying Fairview). They have free shuttle service to the local Metro station and if I remember correctly you'll be on the outer edge of service so it'll be about a half an hour ride into DC itself.

    I'd say you guys could stay with us (we now live 40 minutes north of DC in Maryland) but we'll be out of town for part of that time.

    Good luck with the planning! (And I need to find this Capital Yarns place now, hehe)

  3. When I went to D.C. last summer for a conference I almost stayed at the Woodley Park Guest House ( It was attractive because of its good reviews, and its proximity to Metro. I ended up staying at the Wyndham and it was not great, I wish I had tried Woodley Park instead. My e-mail is pensivefrog at gmail. I hope you pick this place - mostly because I want to know if it's as good as I suspect!


    seriously, i do not like hotels, i love B&B's. here are a bunch

  5. Sounds like a great trip. I haven't a clue where to stay -- best of luck. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  6. I don't have any suggestions where to stay, but I just wanted to say.....Have fun!!!!!!!!

  7. Sorry I can't help with DC either...I'm pretty good at Boston, but probably you don't need my help there!

  8. Having lived in the area and traveling back to see people, I will say that it may be tough to get that price at that time of year if you want nice accomodations. Have you thought about priceline? I did that last summer and stayed at the hilton in Herndan. It was BEAUTIFUL and payed only $80 a night. My favorite place is the Hyat Regency Bethesda. The metro is in the hotel. It is mighty handy! But the price is high too. Good luck! I love DC and I hope you have fun!!!

  9. I live right outside D.C. and worked at the Spy Museum for a while. There's the Red Roof in

    I'm not sure how nice the rooms are, but reviewers on gave it a 4.2 out of 5. It's really conviently located near the museums, shopping & restaurants. Plus it's in Chinatown which is an interesting and growing area.

    Hope that helps

    Oh I think the rooms range from 170-190 a night, so it might be a little more than what you want.. but you might call them and try to get it for cheaper!

  10. I also just found this. 10% off if you pay with a visa card. Might be worth checking out.

  11. Margaret6:35 AM

    My needle case arrived yesterday and was immediately utilized. Thank you for all your work with the hat project.

  12. My husband travels to DC monthly with his job. He said to tell you that the prices are terrible in the summer and you are probably going to have a hard time staying under $200. His suggestion is for you to stay in Crystal City-Virginia and take the Metro into the city. There are many hotels there and you might luck out on a lower than DC price. Good luck, DC is always fun. Make time to go to the Zoo and see Tai Shan the little panda baby. He leaves for China in the fall :(

    Robin C
    Richmond VA