Monday, March 12, 2007


Oh, with all the hats,etc... there HAS been knitting. In fact, 3 new baby bonnets were just shipped off to a new addition to our family, and there are some baby shower gifts "in process". And I made a calorimetry for my brother's girlfriend's birthday. But, here at Chez Mini, I am also knitting again for PC. You may remember that I knit him a black stockinette *cough* acrylic *cough* sweater. With set in sleeves and k2p2 ribbed cuffs and collar. *yawn*

Oh... you are still here? Good... so, once the boring... I mean, sentimental sweater was done, I finally convinced PC that GRAY is a color and it's ok to wear gray. Enter Shelridge Farms. Now, you all know that I had some issues with winding the yarn I got from them. Well, Buffy from Shelridge is an ANGEL. She emailed me with the nicest instructions and how to get it to work,etc. And, when I arrived home from SPA with Anne's calculations in my head (i.e." you won't have enough yarn!") I called Buffy. Well, Shelridge Farm to the rescue! They had 3 skeins left and she wound them into balls for me!!! And they arrived overnight. How wonderful!!! I have to say, I will be throwing money at them from now on. Go ahead... shop there. Oh, and the yarn? DK wool... so unbelievably soft. I might need to buy more to make myself something!

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